Why Natural Gas is Important in Georgia

Natural gas is found in the majority of standalone homes, businesses, and commercial buildings in Georgia

The Team @ Cottage


Apr 16, 2021

Natural Gas is crucial to heat and cook in many Georgia residences. In fact, majority of Georgia single-family residence operate with a combination of electricity and natural gas: natural gas equates to about 30% of your monthly bill, which is why it is so important to choose the best provider for you and your family.

While not every residence relies on Natural Gas, it is an efficient method to heat your home in the cold winter months. Georgia is unique in that there are 10+ natural gas providers that can provide energy to your home or business. This deregulated market has created quite a bit of price and promotion competition, which makes it complicated to search each site for best deals! Cottage is the only business in Georgia that not only has the best rates, but also takes care of your sign up process.

Before Cottage, customers would build complex spreadsheets to identify the most optimal rate to save a few bucks, but with Cottage, you can rest easy knowing we have compiled the latest and greatest rates for your ideal contract length.