About Us

Welcome to an Easier Utility Sign-up Process
Our goal is to streamline the utility sign-up process when moving into a new home or searching for a new natural gas provider. Signing up for utilities can take hours and customers rarely find the best deals. We get it, finding utility providers when moving and “starting your home” is the least exciting and overwhelming process in the world. Cottage aims to put the consumers first by saving time and money.
Going Beyond Rate Comparison
Cottage is more than a utility sign up aggregator. We are your partner to find the ideal utility providers so you can keep money in your pocket and get back to the important things in life. We enable you to start all of your utilities without answering the same question over and over. We took a 4 hour process with mind-numbing decisions and boiled it down to a 5 minute process with only a few clicks.
Your Utility Translators
Understanding the utility industry and their pricing units is not what you do best. It feels like you need a masters degree or working in the industry for 20+ years just to understand how to heat your home. That’s where Cottage excels. We translate utility jargon into dollars and cents. We have worked to make the customer experience seamless and provide our users all the best options.

The Cottage Difference

A Transparent Experience
We show all of the rates and do not accept money for advertising.
Top Notch Support
Responsive live support from people who care about your success.
Your Information Kept Private
We never sell your information. Period.

Who We Are

Cottage was born out of necessity. When we bought our first home, we were flabbergasted how much time we spent on the phone or on our complicated spreadsheet to make sure our utilities were set up at the right price. On top of this, we didn’t understand what a “therm” was or if we were getting the best natural gas rates. This was complicated because there are 10+ natural gas companies in Atlanta, each claiming to be the best. However, every gas company in Atlanta uses the SAME GAS! How would we choose which gas company? Why did we need to be on the phone with the electricity or water companies? It didn’t make sense to us, and we assumed it didn’t make sense to a lot of customers.

When we looked online, we wanted to find a company that handled our utility sign-up and transfer and helps us find the best rates. We could not find what we were looking for, so we built Cottage. Cottage is focused on helping people start their homes fast. We do not play favorites with Utility Companies, and we do not charge customers a penny. We simply provide the easiest way for customers to sign up or transfer, and to pick the best natural gas plan for their home. Plain and Simple.

We are homeowners and renters, obsessed with improving the customer experience. The first 6 months of owning a home or moving in are plagued by breaking down boxes, rearranging the furniture, and finding key home service providers. Cottage founders, Zack and Connor, have known and worked together for years. We are a local Atlanta company and would love to help you start your home faster!